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GREAT BARRIER REEF IMAGES - Categories with images from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Also see our Terrestrial Images Categories and Marine Images Categories page.

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The Great Barrier Reef of Australia's far North-east, is an immense entity and a world renowned phenomenon. Each year, over two million visitors from around the world spend time exploring the Australian icon, marvelling at the beauty and diversity of our planet’s largest natural ecosystem. The Great Barrier Reef's level of biodiversity is unmatched anywhere else on the planet. Everyewhere on the reef, different species thrive and each habitat introduces a surreal roll coll of intriguing life forms. Over 20,000 animal and plant species are throught to inhabit the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, but many of these groups have been very poorly studied and the actual number may be greater. While this number may seem high, it does not include the many thousands of microscopic planktonic and bottom-dwelling animals, plants and bacteria. Browse through our categories listed below to view aerials, reef scenes and islands of the Great Barrier Ree and also many of the diverse inhabitants living on and around the Reef.
Source: excerpt from The Great Barrier Reef – A World Heritage National Park

Great Barrier Reef Image Categories



Dangerous Marine Animal


Marine Activity

Marine Design in Nature

Marine Invertebrate

Marine Reptile



Reef Scene

Sea Bird

Seahorse & Pipefish



Tropical Fish



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