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Australian Sea Lion face
2012: Our Photographers have been busy this year travelling and photographing much marine life, including fantastic images of Manta Rays, some of the best we've seen. Many fantastic shots from Australia, including fish, corals and islands of the Great Barrier Reef, Sea Lions, Jetty marine life and Seadragons of the Southern Temperate Australian waters, as well as outback Australia. Many conservation issues around the world have also been well documented and our images of Sharks, Rays, Dolphins and Whale species are constantly being updated. Our Photographers from Canada and the USA have also been busy photographing marine environments and wildlife from their part of the world and our Photographers from South Africa are busy capturing images of Great White Sharks predating on Seals as well as many other Shark Species and African Wildlife. Many of our images have been used to help conservation groups portray their message this year, as well as for Wall and Museum Displays, print books, e-books and Calendars. New series of David Messent Calendars and Artique Calendars will be coming out in 2014 including lots of our images inside and on the calendar cover. It is very expensive for our photographers to travel the world and acquire these stunning images and our minimal licensing fees for image use help to offset the expense to our photographers. We look forward to helping you with your projects this year with our stunning collection of images, which in turn helps our photographers to seek out more fantastic images.
Australian Beach Seascape

2011: A variety of Images from Praying Mantis pictures to Australian Coastal beach seascapes added this month. Also more marine life including Cleaner Shrimps cleaning Basslets and Cardinalfish, Pufferfish, Hawkfish, Schooling Snapper and Exquisite Feather Duster Tubeworms; the flowers of the ocean.

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Cleaner Shrimp cleaning Moray

March2011 and April 2011: In March we included new Animal and Bird Images from Africa, South America and New Zealand added including Rare and Endangered Animals and Reptiles. In April we are adding a great assortment of underwater marine creatures, landscapes and animals including bats and Monkeys. The fish cleaning images we now have are the best we have ever seen. Check them out - Fish Cleaning!

Jawfish with eggs
Feb 2011: This month we have been adding a selection of images taken from a recent diving trip to the Yongala off Ayr in Queensland including the endangered Queensland Groper, Napolean Wrasse, Schooling Sweetlips and Cardinalfish. Many other marine images including Bluefin Tuna, fish holding pens, pelagic octopus, moray eel feeding on fish, Garibaldi, cuttlefish, monk seals, kelp, marine iguana and wave energy bouys off Hawaii. Terrestrial images include more Koalas, colourful rainforest birds such as King Parrots, Rosellas, Emerald Doves, Eclectus Parrots, and dangerous Australian snakes such as the King Brown Snake , Eastern Brown Snake and Fierce snake or Eastern Taipain - some of the most dangerous snakes in the world. We have also now added some amazing underwater critters and plants found in the Pacific regions including rare octopus including the Mosaic Octopus, Greater Blue-ringed Octopus, sea cucumbers, Stargazers, sea stars, sea sponges, corals, brittle stars, clownfish, shrimps, urchins and crabs.
Rainbow Lorikeet grooming
2nd half 2010: Continuing to add many marine mammals including amazing shots of Breaching Great White Sharks, Cape fur seals, Blue Sharks, Sailfish, Common Dolphins and more varieties of sharks, including Hammerhead Shark. We have increased our African Animal range including Lions, Zebras, Gazelle and Baboons. Our Sea Bird species have increased along with Australian Bird varieties and Australian Animals. Also spectacular reef scenes of fish and coral, colourful nudibranchs, photos showing Marine conservation issues including marine pollution, reef damage and diesease and other animal conservation issues. November 2010: We have just added a new collection of fantastic Coral spawning and Coral reproduction photos - these photos have been collected over many years by a leading Coral scientist - these images were previously available for licensing - check them out!
Orca attacking seal
First half 2010: We have been constantly adding new images and image categories to our online database throughout this year, focusing on increasing our collection of Sharks and Marine Mammals. Some of the exciting new images we have added include Orcas attacking a Sea Lon on the shore of Argentinas coastline, Grey Whales Breaching, spyhopping and underwater and numerous other species of Whales and Sharks. Our large collection of underwater marine life continues to grow and we have recently added vaious unusual and colourful species found in the Great Barrier Reef and Indo-Pacific Ocean - see May 2010 to view a great variety of species. We are happy to welcome some new talented Photographers to our growing family of contributors including Inger Vandyke, Karen Willshaw and Chantal Henderson and will be adding new image selections from amazing photographers to our family shortly. In June 2010, Australia Post released a new series of Stamps and associated products called 'Fishes of the Reef'. They will be released in 2 parts and the Stamps and products feature all images from the Oceanwide Images collection. We will continue to be very selective in the images and photographers we represent to provide a top quality selection of images for our clients to choose from.
Mantis Shrimp with eggs
Aug 09Sep 09 - Oct 09: Images listed for the last 3 months include many amazing creatures from the Indo-Pacific region incluing Wonderpus and Mimic Octopus, many varieties of crabs, crayfish and shrimps including Mantis shrimps with eggs and the beautiful Harlequin Shrimp. Clams, cuttlefish and many colourful varieties of nudibranchs. The venomous Fire and Flower Urchins and the dangerous Demon Stinger Scorpionfish. Photos of Blacktip Reef sharks from Cocos Island and other shark and ray species. Sweetlip fish and a huge variety of Antarctic Fur Seals in family groups and with pups. Australian animals such as Kangaroos, Pademelons and Echidnas. Australian Birds such as the Regent Bowerbird flying, displaying colourful yellow wings, the Satin Bowerbird in its spectacular bower, along with many colourful parrot varieties. Emus with chicks and in groups in their natural habitat and also on Emu farms.
Brown Bear Mother with cubs
Jan 09 - Feb 09: We have included new 2 major new categories this year of African Animals and American Animals and will be building regularly on these in the coming months. Fabulous images of Migration in Africa including Nile Crocodiles hunting and catching prey whilst crossing rivers, Cheetahs with cubs, Hippopotamus, Lions in family groups and with cubs, Wildebeest, Zebra and African Primates - Baboons, Chimpanzee, Gorillas and Monkeys. Our Collection of American Animals now contains many bear photos including Black Bears, Brown Bears and Grizzly Bears, along with Coyotes. We have also listed new American Birds and Australian Birds. Also added are amazing scenic coastal pictures of Flinders Island in Southern Australia, featuring algae covered granite boulders. New marine animals include Harbor seals, Elephant Seals, Sea Otters, new Polar Bears and the endangered Sei Whale.
Turtle feeding on Jellyfish
Sep-Nov 08: We have been busy adding many new images to our site over the last few months - from King Penguins, Turtles feeding on Jellyfish to Australian Rainforests and Waterfalls and the deadly funnel-web spider. Also added have been Coastal Scenes, Mangroves and forests of beautiful Hayman Island, Australian Native animals including rare and endangered species such as Eastern Quoll, Proserpine Rock Wallaby and Bridled Nail-tail Wallaby, BowerBirds and Parrots, Frogs, Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises and farm animals including Sheep, Cows and Horses. Marine species added include Trout, Potato Cod, StingRays and categories.asp?cID=384. Visit our New Images Added Page for a complete listing of the new images added.
Walrus on Ice
August 08: More fantastic Steve Parish Fact File books due to be released containing many of our images. A complete index page of the SPP publications will be added soon. We have been adding fantastic shots from the cooler regions of the world over the last few months along with African animals and rare and endangered creatures. Many new species have now been added to our online database with many more to come. Some of the species include Walrus, Bowhead Whale, Elephant Seal, Leopard Seal, Bearded Seal, Guadalupe Fur Seal, South American Fur Seal and the rare and near extinct Yantze River Dolphin. Also many birds and penguins including the amjestic King Penguin along with images of their pristine and spectacular environment on the iceburgs of the antarctic. Visit our monthly new page to have a look at the new images added.
Mobula Ray in flight
May 08: More Images listed this month: Bottlenose Dolphins leaping and swimming fast, Ocean Sunfish, Blue Whales, Fin Whale, Grey Whale detail, Short-finned Pilot Whales, Sperm Whale, Grey Whales underwater, Humpback Whale fluking, Mobula Rays, California Sea Lions, Elephant Seal, and Long-beaked Common Dolphin, Beach Worms, Osprey in flight.
Dangerous Silvertip Shark
April 08: Images listed this month: Silvertip Shark, Bull Shark feeding, Blacktip Reef Shark, Grey Nurse Shark or Sand Tiger Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Blue Whale, Southern Right Whales, Humpback Whales - underwater and breaching, Fin Whale, Grey Whale detail, Short-finned Pilot Whale, Sperm Whale, Pacific Pink Salmon, Rare white colour phase Spirit Bear, Manatees, Guadalupe Fur Seal, Elephant Seal, Steller's Sea Lion, Titan Triggerfish in Courtship display, Schooling Fish, the rare and endangered Goliath Grouper, Sailfin Grouper, Pacific White-sided Dolphin and Short-beaked Common Dolphin.
Aye-aye Daubentonia madagascariensis
2008 -New images listed Humpack Whales breaching, Australian Koalas. Mark Carwardine joins our growing family of contributing photographers. We have now listed some of his fabulous images of rare and endangered creatures including Great White Sharks, Amazon River Dolphin, Nile Crocodile, Red-eyed Green tree frogs, Argentine Horned Frog, Reed Frog, Cagle's Reed Frog, Golden Gliding Frog, Sedge Frog, Couch's Spadefoot Toad, Aldabra Giant Tortoise, Green Anaconda, Cottonmouth Snake, White-lipped Tree Viper, Gaboon Viper, Standing's Day Gecko, Meller's Giant Chameleon, Plumed Basilisk, Madagascan Leaf-tailed Gecko, New Caledonia Crested Gecko, Monkey-tail Skink, Green Python, Javan Langur, Asiatic Lion, Western Lowland Gorilla, Aye Aye Lemur , Long-tailed Macaques, Livingstone's Fruit Bat, Red Panda, Sand Cat, Desert Black Rhino, Turkish Spiny Mouse and the Red-ruffed Lemur.
Great Barrier Reef Book
Exciting April 2007 Book Release:
THE GREAT BARRIER REEF - World Heritage Marine Park deluxe coffee table book - A global masterpiece! Be enchanted…. by the story of the planet’s largest World Heritage Area, told through the lens and words of two talented professionals. Gary Bell, the photographer, is one of few visual artists to have mastered the art of underwater photography in such a way that the two-dimensional images appear to draw you in and drag you under, immersing you in a miraculous submarine world. When one looks beyond the beauty of the animals and begins to ask questions about their lifestyles — the scientific observations of Dr Tony Ayling leap to the fore. Tony has been passionate about sea creatures since childhood, and over the past 25 years he has dived extensively and researched the Great Barrier Reef in its entirety. Click here for more info about this book.
Shortfin Mako Shark
February 2007 - Great new Shark images from Photographer Andy Murch! Tiger Shark, Great White Shark underwater, Whale Shark, Blue Shark, Mako Shark, Sandtiger Shark, Silky Shark, Carribean Reef Shark, Lemon Shark, Sandbar Shark, Green Sawfish.
Arrow Squid
January 2007 - More of Australia's deadly and dangerous snakes now added to our image database: The Fierce Snake (or Inland Taipan) known for it's agressive behaviour, Mulga Snake (or King Brown Snake) and Collett's Snake. Other Australian fauna including the pest toad species of Australia, Cane Toad, introduced into North Queensland originally to control and combat the Sugar Cane Beetle, the friendly Water Dragon, the termite eating Short-beaked Echidna and also the wonderful Grey-headed Flying-fox or Fruit Bat. A great selection of Cloud and Sky images have also formed a new category on our category tree - alwasy useful for backgrounds in a variety of projects. Other images include the Arrow Squid, Barracouta and Black marlin images.

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