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We do receive many requests from Non-Profit Organizations, asking us to donate images for use in various worthwhile conservation causes. With respect, wildlife images are very costly to produce; there is the expense of travel, boat hire, rent, specialized photographic equipment, computers, software, and time and there are no guarantees that wildlife will behave for the camera on any given day. Many photographers would probably love to donate images to assist worthy projects but rely on image licensing to provide an income to live and pay for business expenses. Additionally, over the years, photography costs have increased but the revenue from photos has decreased.

Oceanwide Images, as an agent for our contributing wildlife photographers, do not have the authority to donate images free of charge, no matter how important the project.

We do however want to contribute to the awareness of conservation issues and we do have the authority to offer discounted educational Image Licensing fees to assist organizations with worthy conservation campaigns.

How to apply for reduced licensing fees

Please complete the free online registration form. Select the images that you wish to license and complete the licensing request form with as many details as possible about your project. We will be in touch as soon as possible with the licensing fee for your project.

Important Notes

Please note that all of the images listed on our website and in our library are Rights Managed images and not Royalty Free. Therefore, the image license that you will be purchasing is Non-transferable and you must only use the image in the manner outlined in the licensing agreement.

The high resolution images supplied to you may not be distributed or made available by any means whatsoever to any 3rd party, other than for the single usage as stated in your license. The license will not allow for the distribution of the images to media in the form of media kits.

Please read Image Licensing for more information on licensing or contact us if you have any questions.

Why Choose Oceanwide Images?

Photography is our passion and we take pride in offering clients

  • Images of the highest quality. We know you will be 100% satisfied with the high resolution image that you will receive.
  • Premium Rights Managed images. We do not license Royalty Free images because Rights Managed licensing is the better choice for our clients. An exceptional image priced according to usage, is better than investing in a widely distributed image that has diluted value. Exclusive Rights are available on request.
  • Trouble free transactions tailored to meet all requests. Buying direct from Oceanwide Images means competitive prices and flexibility.
  • A website that is user friendly. By browsing through our website, you will find stunning photographs of the natural world, many unique to the image licensing industry. Our images are provided by photographers that we personally know, and this means that we can support the quality and the originality of our images.
  • Professional service. Our experienced staff deliver personal and friendly service. Your experience with Oceanwide Images will be a positive experience.

We are here to assist. If have any questions or website feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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