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ID: 24M2644-07 - Great White Shark jaws

All images and written content on the Oceanwide Images website are copyright protected. All images on this website bear a watermark. This watermark signifies that images are copyright protected, and may NOT be copied, archived, published, distributed, transmitted, placed on any website, or reproduced in any way or form, in part or in full, without prior written authorization or the purchase of an image license from Oceanwide Images.

Purpose of Website

 The Oceanwide Images website has been designed to allow publishers and commercial users the ability to easily order image licenses. See licensing for more information about Rights Managed licensing. Fine Art Prints for personal home display can also be ordered from this website.

This is not an educational website.


Oceanwide Images library of images represent 3 decades of work. These images have been costly to produce. We ask that you respect the copyright of the photographers who provide these images and do not attempt to remove the watermark on images.

For the purposes of assignments, Oceanwide Images grants the student the right to use the watermarked images directly from this website, under the following conditions

  1. Image may not be emailed, used on websites, or electronically transmitted in any way.
  2. Images are ONLY to be used in written assignments
  3. The watermark on the images is not to be removed or altered in any way
  4. Images must be captioned or footnoted, “Sourced from OceanwideImages.com – This image is copyright protected”
  5.  A copy of the assignment must be sent to Oceanwide Images

Commercial Users and Use of Comps

The copyright watermark on images is not to be removed or altered in any way. On purchase of an image license, the high resolution image without the copyright watermark will be provided to the licensee.

Commercial users may prior to purchasing a license use watermarked images in comps (comprehensive layouts). Oceanwide Images grants commercial users non-transferable, non-exclusive right to copy the copyright watermarked images directly from the Oceanwide Images website, provided that

  1. Images are ONLY used for in-house presentations, storyboards, or rough draft designs for commercial users and/or their clients.
  2. The copyright watermark is not removed or altered in any way.

Image licensing

The use of an image without a watermark is only available to clients once a licensing agreement has been issued by Oceanwide Images. Both parties must sign this agreement and the invoice paid in full before image reproduction rights are granted.

General Conditions

By using this website, you agree to indemnify and hold Oceanwide Images, and its photographers, harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages costs and expenses arising from the use of an image or any breach of this agreement.

A copy of our Licensing Terms and Condition of Delivery and Sale can be supplied for review upon request.

If you have any further questions about Image Copyright and/or Image Licensing, please contact us.

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