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It's quick and easy to order a beautiful High Quality Gloss Print of any image from our website, for your wall display. You can either order the image via the [P] symbol under an image or email us directly with the Photo ID number (under the image) and the size you would like (please see below for details). Please also include all your contact information.

When you order one of our High Quality prints, you are purchasing a premium piece of Art produced on Metallic High Gloss Photo Paper. The dynamic range of this paper is very high, meaning blacks are blacker, and highlights appear brighter. This is achieved by the gloss coating, which reflects all light so the underlying image has depth. Please note that the copyright symbol and cross, as displayed over the images on our website, will NOT be on your print. The superior look of our prints is achieved using state of the art technology and printing methods. We use a professional print studio with specialized equipment. The resulting prints have incredible detail, color resolution and archival qualities.

At Oceanwide Images, we take pride in offering our customers a superior High Quality Fine Art Print at a price you can afford.

Click here to read what our customers say about our High Quality Fine Art Prints.

How do I place my order?

To place a Print Order via the webite, simply add images to your Photo Lightbox, then click Order Prints from the Photo Lightbox page. Alternatively click the [P] - Order Prints icon under or next to any image. On the Order Prints page, you will be asked to Register, or Log In to complete the order. If you are an Existing Customer, you can Look Up your previous registration by providing your email address and password.

Please complete the Print Order Form, and confirm your order by clicking Proceed. You may make instant payment by the Paypal link that appears on the confirmation page, or wait until we send the invoice with Bank Deposit details. Your print order will be despatched upon receipt of payment.

Payment Methods:

  • Direct deposit - Our bank account details will be emailed to you when you place your order (preferred method)
  • Bank cheque (Australian customers only) - Your order will be sent once the cheque has been cleared
  • Credit Card payment through PAYPAL - either make payment via the Paypal link on the order confirmation page, or wait for our email with payment Instructions.

Print sizes and Pricing:

Print Size: Price in Australian dollars (GST included):
8" x 12" inches (203mm x 305mm) AUD $99.00
12" x 18" inches (305mm x 457mm) AUD $132.00
16" x 24" inches (407mm x 610mm) AUD $149.60
Buy 5 or more prints and get a 10% discount

Custom Size Prints:
Custom size prints are also available. Please email us your preferred print size and we will get back to you with a price. . 


Prints are supplied un-mounted and shipped in large protective cardboard tubes. Your order will be promptly processed and dispatched usually within 3 working days after funds have been cleared. As postage and transport delays do sometimes occur outside of our control, please allow an extra 10 working days for delivery within Australia, and 15 working days for delivery outside Australia. (2-3 weeks)
International (Airmail) - $45 for up to 5 prints Prints are shipped Air Mail through Australia Post. We retain the customs declaration as proof of postage.
Within Australia (Express Post) - $24.75 for up to 5 prints. Prints are shipped through Australia Post.

Additional notes:

  • All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST (Australian Goods and Services Tax).
  • Click here for a general Currency Conversion.
  • Paypal payments will be requested in Australian dollars. Paypal conversion rates from your country currency to Australian dollars may differ by up to 3%.

 Image Copyright:

Your print is a photographic piece of Art for you to hang on your wall and keep as an object of beauty. You do not own the copyright of the image because the copyright remains with the photographer. This means that you may not reproduce, scan or copy the print in any form or manner without written permission or the purchase of an Image License from OceanwideImages.com. Please read Image Licensing


Should your print not meet the specifications advertised on this website, or it gets damaged during shipment, simply return the print for inspection and receive a replacement print at no extra charge.

For more information regarding our Guarantee, please contact us.

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