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Oceanwide Images only supply superb, quality high resolution images in RGB color space so that you receive the largest range of colors in your image. Once your order has been approved (see licensing for instructions on requesting a fee for image usage), we will deliver your image, using one of the following delivery methods.

    1. Download image files

    We will send the easy instructions to download the images, directly to your email address.

    2. Receive image files by email:

    Provided that your image is less than 3 MB in size, we can email your high resolution image file to your nominated email address.

    3. Post – image files copied to CD/DVD:

    If you prefer to receive your high resolution digital files on CD (Compact Disc) or DVD this is not a problem. We will copy your high resolution image files to either CD or DVD and securely post these to you by Registered Mail using Australia Post. Images will be provided in TIFF or RGB file format and RGB 1998 Adobe Color space.

    A fee of $10 will be added to your total licensing fee for CD/DVD postage.

    For this delivery method, please confirm your postal address or alternatively, you can supply us with your preferred courier agent details for overnight or International Delivery.

    4. Image Delivery to your FTP server:

    We will upload your ordered high resolution image files directly to your FTP server. Image files are supplied in RGB Adobe 1998 color space in either JPG or TIFF file format. Simply provide us with your FTP server details (FTP address, username and password) for instant image delivery.

    If you have a size limit for your FTP folder, please let us know

Please Note: If you are unable to find the image you need, or would like to see a broader selection, please contact us and we will search our extensive library of images to meet your creative demands. We have many more images in our files that are not yet included on our searchable online database.



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