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We receive many requests to assist students and teachers with their various educational projects. We would love to assist with each and every project but as a commercial entity and the acting agent for our contributing wildlife photographers, we are unable to provide you with high resolution images, free of charge,

Please understand that wildlife images are very costly to produce: there is the expense of travel, boat hire, rent, specialized photographic equipment, computers, software, and time and there is no guarantee that wildlife will behave for the camera on any given day. Most photographers rely on image licensing to provide an income to live and pay for business expenses. Additionally, over the years, photography costs have increased but the revenue from photos has decreased.

Fine Art Prints

We do offer Premium Fine Art Prints for sale to the public and these can be ordered online once you have registered or logged on to our website. Fine Art Prints are a great gift and you can choose to have any image from this website printed on Metallic High Gloss photo paper.  Please click here to see more information about our Fine Art Prints.

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