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   About Oceanwide Images...
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Oceanwide Images is a Nature Stock Photo Library dedicated to the supply of premium quality ocean, wildlife, landscape and nature images for commercial, editorial use and High Quality Fine Art Wall Prints. Since 2003, the Image Library has grown to service major book and magazine publishers, advertising agencies and commercial entities worldwide throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. Gary Bell, a founding director and principal photographer of Oceanwide Images Stock Photo Library has over four decades of experience in photography and publishing and this experience has allowed him to make Oceanwide Images into one of the leading providers of licensed, wildlife images in the world.

Central to the success of Oceanwide Images, is the website Image Database which has been developed to allow easy access to images and to streamline the process of Image Licensing and High Quality Print ordering but despite the advances in technology, Oceanwide Images continues to be personal and flexible. Unlike many online image libraries, Oceanwide Images is able to provide additional services like image manipulation, image search, customization and multiple delivery formats.

Oceanwide Images also has thousands of yet to be catalogued images, so please feel free to contact Oceanwide Images if you have any special requests or are searching for images not yet listed on our website.


Some regular customers include non-profit nature organizations alsong with major book and magazine publishers, such as National Geographic Society, MacMillan McGraw Publishing, Dorling Kindersley/Penguin Books Publishing, McDougal Littell/Houghton Mifflin Publishing company, Steve Parish Publishing, Harcourt Education UK and Australia, Meredith Books USA, Australian Geographic, Natural History Magazine, World Wildlife Fund, RSPCA, The Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Fund, Disney USA, Royal Australian Mint, Australia Post, Readers Digest, News Week Magazine, LA Times, US News, Daily Telegraph, World Book, Sydney Aquarium, Melbourne Aquarium, Newport Aquarium, Tennessee Aquarium, Australian Government Departments. Oceanwide Images also works with advertising and design companies, and supplied images for Theatrical companies, Television dramas and commercials and Movie Props.

Click this link to read some Client Comments and Testimonials.


All images are supplied by award winning and internationally respected photographers including John Ashley, Gary Bell, Bill Boyle, Chris and Monique Fallows, David Fleetham, Justin Gilligan, Bob Halstead, Chantal Henderson, Jim Johnson, Michael Patrick O'Neill, Andy Murch, Mark Simmons, Lin Sutherland, Karen Willshaw, Inger Vandyke and Fish Expert, Publisher and Ichythologist, Rudie Kuiter. If you are interested contributing to our library, please read our photographers information page.

Image Categories

Our image library is frequently updated with new and exciting wildlife images and boasts one of the largest collections of Great Barrier Reef photos in the world. Some categories include:


To support the quality and originality of all our images, Oceanwide Images only offers unique and high quality Rights Managed images.

MARINE: Seascapes - both underwater and above water, aerial photography, colourful reef scenes, tropical islands, ocean and water, whales including the humpback whale, southern right whale, sperm whale, orca and dolphin, seals, dugong, manatee, sharks including the great white shark and giant whale shark, manta ray, stingray and other rays, marine reptiles including sea turtles, crocodiles and sea snakes, deep sea fish, tropical fish life, temperate fish life, clownfish, rare fish species, bizarre fish species, fish behaviour and portrait photography, deep water animals, dangerous marine creatures including the deadly blue-ringed octopus, box jellyfish and stonefish, crustaceans, molluscs and other invertebrate marine life including crayfish, lobsters, crabs, shrimps and prawns, octopus, squid, cuttlefish, sea shells, nudibranchs, starfish, sea stars, brittle stars and feather stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and sea anemones, ascidians, tunicates, jellyfish, corals and coral reefs, sea weeds, mangroves and other sea plants, stromatolites, sea birds including penguins, terns, gulls and the pelican, scuba divers and snorkel divers, reef leisure and reef activities, design in nature, wrecks, jetties, introduced pest species, marine research, environmental destruction, marine pollution and much more.

TERRESTRIAL: Australia's national parks and wilderness areas including the Australia outback, landscapes, rainforests, waterfalls and mountain streams, aerial photography, Australian native animals and marsupial species including kangaroos, wallaby, wombat, possum, koala, dingo, platypus and echidna, rare and endangered Australian animals including the bilby and squirrel glider, animal behaviour and portrait photography, Australian birds including eagles, magpies, cockatoos, colourful parrots, emu, cassowary, kookaburra and the introduced peacock, feral animals of Australia, Australian reptiles including crocodiles, goanna's, lizards, gecko's and snakes, komodo dragon, Australian frogs including the red-eyed tree frog, giant tree frog, endangered green and golden bell frog and barred frog, butterflies, deadly spiders, beetles, bees, ants and other Australian insects, trees, flowers, wildflowers and other plants, design in nature, clouds, agriculture, tourism, fossils, environmental destruction, pollution, natural disasters, people of the Asia-Pacific and much more.

Please see our Site Map for extensive listing and links to images and categories

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