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   Fine Art Prints - Feedback...
Reef Magic
Sharks Print
Rainforest Waterfall Print

We are delighted that so many customers are enjoying their Fine Art Prints. Below are some comments from customers.

Click here for more information on our Fine Art Prints or Contact us with any questions.

The photo arrived in yesterday’s mail and it is magnificent!
Thanks again!
WA, Australia

We have received the print, it looks great. Thanks so much!
NSW, Australia

Thank you very much,the prints arrived today,they are wonderful. I look forward to framing them and enjoying the images.
QLD, Australia

The image has arrived and it looks amazing. I cannot wait to get it framed for my husband. He will love it.
NSW, Australia

Thank you, arrived safely and it's just what I wanted - housewarming present for someone who loves pelicans.
VIC, Australia

I received the print last week and it is beautiful! Thank you,

The print arrived today.  Its perfect.  Thank you very much.
NSW, Australia

I actually just received it.  Looks great.  Thanks very much.

I received my print yesterday and it looks amazing! Thank you so much for your great, friendly service and beautiful quality print.  
QLD, Australia

Good afternoon, I have received my print and it looks great, Thanks.
ACT, Australia

Will definitely recommend your company to friends! Thank you again,
QLD, Australia

Received the print and IT LOOKS TERRIFIC!  What a stunning photo of the male laughing kookaburra, I'm very pleased with it.  Many thanks.  
QLD, Australia

Many thanks, have received our print in good order.
United Kingdom

Just letting you know I  received my Black Tip Reef Shark print and it looks very snazzy, cant wait to get it back from the framers, thanks again.
QLD, Australia

Recieved the print yesterday. Very happy with the quality, thank you.
NSW, Australia

I received the print today thank you so much it is perfect!! :)
NSW, Australia

I received my print. Thank you very much I love it!

The images look great! Thanks so much!
NSW, Australia

I received the picture last Wednesday. It looked very nice! I put it in a driftwood frame and gave it to my friend.

The print arrived today. Very happy with the print! Thanks!
Western Australia

I have received the print and it is everything that I expected. I'm more than happy with the quality and your service!
Victoria, Australia

Thank you so much for the print. It looks even more amazing then when I first looked at it!!
N.T. Australia

I have received the print. I looks outstanding!.  Thank you.
Queensland, Australia

The print arrived and looks fantastic. Thanks.
Queensland, Australia

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the print of the blue ring octopus and am very happy with it! Thank you.
Brookfield, USA

I just wanted to let you know that the print arrived last week and in plenty of time. It look's fantastic, I'm really pleased. Thank you so much for your help. I just hope the framer does just as good a job!!
Gloucenter, UK

Got my photo - it is beautiful. I am off to get it framed.
Illinois, USA

Received this morning. Looks great.
Many thanks
QLD, Australia

Just letting you know the print arrived today. Looks fantastic. Many thanks.
NSW, Australia

Just confirming that I have received my Runic print. Its a beautiful portrait of a rather traumatic event... I will certainly have it framed and put in pride of place. Thanks... for your prompt and efficient service. Best Wishes.
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I just wanted you to know that I am blown away without words to describe how good the prints look!  I am not exaggerating about this in any way, I had no idea that the images would look so crisp, clear and defined with that much colour, they are truly amazing I don’t think that I have ever seen colours so bright in photos in my life especially the Mantis Shrimp He (or She) looks like he’s covered in neon, truly amazing. I am very, very happy with the order...
New Hyde park, New York, USA

YES, Our prints have arrived and they are beautiful.  I already have them at the frame shop.  You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and I have already told several people about Oceanwide Images.  Thank you! 
Birmingham, AL United States

I received the two Metallic Prints this morning.
Needless to say, I am delighted with them and have whisked them off to a local art shop to be suitably framed.
As you probably know from your records, I purchased a Metallic Print a couple of years ago so now I will have a small collection in the house when these two are returned framed.

Milton Keynes UK 

I have received the printed photo’s yesterday. They arrived in good shape, very protective packed. They are fabulous! Absolutely superb quality, and an asset to my home. Thanks a lot!!
RWB Management
Eindhoven, NG, Netherlands

The prints just arrived today. They're lovely!
Thank you!
Bridgette USA

Just wanted to let you know that we received our print on Friday I think it was... It's great! I can't wait to get it up on our wall.
Thanks again.
Warren, Michigan, USA

Print has arrived safe and sound. Thank you very much for your prompt delivery.
May you and all of yours have a wonderful Yule Tide.
Blackalls Park Australia

The print arrived yesterday. It is awesome!
Little Rock, AR United States

Received in excellent condition - many thanks. Fabulous images.
Great job on the packaging - felt like a kid at Christmas!!
Werribee VIC Australia

Just letting you know I received the print a couple of days ago. It's in good order so all is OK. Looks great!!
Mosman Park Sth,  WA Australia

I just received the eagle ray print.  Thank you so much, it is absolutely beautiful and I am very happy with it.  Now I can't wait to get it framed.  Thanks again.

Orlando, Florida, United States

Shipment received in RECORD time. They are beautiful. After months of research on the net, I thank you for the efforts (yet I am sure a lot of fun doing this type of work) involved. They are beautiful prints.
Florida, United States

The prints have been received and I am very happy with them. Have taken them to be framed and we are looking forward to hanging them.  
Pacific Palms, NSW Australia

I received the print today and have already taken it to a shop for framing. Very pleased with the image - rich colours, etc. Thanks for everything!
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

I received the photo I ordered from you last month. The picture looks great. Thank you very much. I'm sure you will receive additional orders from me and my family in the near future.
Coventry, Hills Way, Canada

Thanks I have received the print its great it will look fantastic behind glass. Thanks again.
Merrylands NSW Australia

The print arrived safely today and looks fantastic! Thanks,
Phillip Bay, NSW, Australia

The print arrived today and my wife just loves it. Thanks again. Cheers,
Toronto, Canada

Juust want to let you know I got the turtle pic for ... its wonderful and it looks great. Thanks,
Tampa, Florida United States

This is to confirm that I have today received the two prints of the marlin photos. I am absolutely delighted. The quality is outstanding- as is every aspect of your service! With best wishes,
Leicester, United Kingdom

Hi - received it (print), thank you.  It looks great.  All the best..
North Sydney, NSW Australia

Print received. Thank you for all your trouble and excellent service.
Oranjezicht, South Africa

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