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We license High Quality Images for commercial and editorial use. We only license Rights Managed Images because it is a fair and practical licensing model that benefits both photographers and clients. The licensing fee for Rights Managed images is based on the way the image will be used. Rights Managed Images are more exclusive, and of a much higher standard than Royalty Free or Micro-stock images. To request a fee to use the images on your lightbox in your publication, please click here.

Oceanwide Images carefully select and stock premium, high resolution wildlife images from some of the best photographers around the world. We know that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of your licensed image.

How are the fees for Rights Managed licensing calculated?

Oceanwide Images make every attempt to ensure fairness when calculating image licensing fees. Rights Managed licensing fees are calculated by a number of variables including the size of image in the publication, type of publication, geographical distribution of the publication and image placement within the publication.

As each image usage can be very different from client to client, the license fees reflect this and are often different for each project. Therefore, in order to obtain the correct licensing fee, clients first need to select the desired images and either email the details to us directly, or add them to your lightbox and choose Request Fee, Buy Image or Enquire to complete the online licensing request. Registration is free and can be completed at the time the request is put through. We will contact you as soon as possible with the licensing fee quote and organize the image download.

We endeavor to work within your budget wherever possible and offer a personalized service to help you through the licensing process.

“Thank you for all your help - it was really much easier than I thought it was going to be. You have a great system…. Thanks again for your help and quick response. It is truly a pleasure to do business with you…..I'd like to say again how much we appreciate your help and assistance in acquiring such a fantastic image for our publication.”
Communications Director
Coastal Conservation Association

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To discuss licensing rights or fees further, please contact us direct on
Ph: (02) 6658 5657, International Tel: + 61 2 6658 5657, or email us.

Do you offer exclusive rights?

Exclusive licensing rights protects your image from being licensed to anyone else and the fee is determined by the territories included in the license and the time frame (e.g. Worldwide for 2 years or Europe for 1 year).

Most clients choose Non-Exclusive licensing rights because it is the cheaper alternative. Managed Rights Images by the nature of the licensing model, are generally more unique. It is very unlikely that the same image would be used in the same way by two competing businesses.

Who can license images?

Image licensing is available to all registered businesses, such as advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers, marketing consultants, calendar, poster, and greeting card companies, newspapers, government bodies and commercial entities.

Where can images be used?

Images can be licensed for a variety of uses: billboards, display, books, magazines, DVDs and CD covers, bookmarks, calendars, newspapers, advertising, letterheads and business cards, website headers, etc.

Images can be licensed for almost every imaginable purpose.

What are the Image file sizes and what size to you supply?

All of our high quality image files are at least 55mb (approx A3 @ 300dpi), with 90% are available at a larger size. However as we personally process each order individually, we will supply your ordered images at the size correct for your publication, as this produces the best results. For eg, the size typically required for online usage is less than 1mb, so supplying a 55mb file would be superfluous.

How do I request a licensing fee quotation?

  • Complete the free registration form
  • Add the desired images to your lightbox
  • Click the Request Fee, Buy / Enquire or Order Image link and complete the License Form
  • Alternatively email us with all your publication and contact details

Your request will be sent to Oceanwide Images and you will also receive a confirmation email with the details of your request. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact us by phone and check your spam filter.

We will carefully review the information you provide and calculate an appropriate licensing fee.

Tracking Request

To track your request, simply login and click on "My Account" at any time or email us to receive an update.

After you receive your quotation

If you agree to the quotation, we will issue you with a licensing agreement. You will need to sign and return this agreement to us by Fax, Email or Post and pay the agreed licensing fee prior to High Resolution Image supply.


Payment can be made by

  • Secure online credit card facility ( Pay Pal)
  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • International Wire Transfer
  • Check (approved customers only)

Image Delivery

Once you have paid the licensing fee in full and returned the signed licensing agreement, you will receive the reproduction rights, as specified in the licensing agreement and we will provide you with the relevant high resolution image files.

Images are received by

  • Logging in to your account and downloading the image files from our website
  • Email (for images that are less than 10Mb is size)
  • FTP to your FTP server (please provide us with FTP address, username and password to log-in and upload files)
  • Post – digital files on CD/DVD delivered to your business address (please add $10 for postage).

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